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Martyn Park

Creator and co-founder.

I am Martyn Park… You can call me Coach.

I was born in 1957. I am now 66.  I have been doing this since I was 18. I am a Master-Coach and Trainer. Here is a brief version of my history, and experience:

When I was 18 I studied to be a Naturopath at the St Leonards College of Natural Therapies. 

On completion of my studies I worked at City Gym in Kings Cross (Australia’s premier gym at that time ) as an intern / gym cleaner, which is where I found my passion for the fitness & training industry.

I then worked at the John Valentine Health Club in the Sydney CBD as a weight loss and diet consultant during the day, and at night and weekends I worked as a freelance aerobics and circuit training instructor at the Squashlands Fitness Chain.

A few years later I was offered the job of manager and trainer at the first Gold’s Gym to be opened in Australia, a massive three-storey complex with a membership of thousands. I worked there for a little over three years before I decide to…

Open up my own gym. I wanted to start a natural bodybuilding gym, so I created the Natural Physique Centre (Leisuredome Gym) in Beverly Hills. 

I worked there as the owner and head trainer for 21 years, during which time I was instrumental in starting the Natural Bodybuilding Federation in Australia, alongside training and assisting thousands of people, from Australian and World Natural champions, to weight loss of the year recipients, to everyday people; I loved every minute of it.

After 21 wonderful years at the helm, I sold the gym (which is still running in 2023) and I moved into freelance master coaching, and teaching, and mentoring (primarily in the weight-loss and muscle building/toning areas) which, along with my… 

FILM and MUSIC work… 

Is what I continue to do to this day, and will continue to do while-ever I am fit enough to do so.

Bhagya B&W Headshot 2 JPG

Bhagya Wijethunga.

CEO and co-founder.

I am Bhagya Wijethunga.

I was born and raised in the Central Sri Lankan Mountains. My father was a banker, and my mother was a farmer who also taught Buddhism at the local school.

After I left school, I worked for twelve years, farming, and every other job I could get; and the whole time, I had a dream.

I wanted to be the first person from my village to embark on an international adventure by self-financing my journey into business and education.

So, I saved all the money I could with the intent of saving as much money as I would need to give myself the education that I knew I would need if I was ever to become the person I dreamt of becoming.

With very little English language, I traveled to the United Kingdom, where I did a BA (Hons) Business Enterprise, focussing on Marketing, Entrepreneurial Studies, and Promotional Communication.

While I was there, along with my studies and English grammar classes, I had to work, a lot, as I only had enough money saved for my tuition, so I worked in petrol stations and catering companies and cleaning companies and aged care facilities and while it was hard, I was happy, as I was working toward achieving my goal.

Having now experienced living, working, and learning in a different cultural environment, something which I was loving, I wanted to continue to feed these passions.

So I traveled to Melbourne, Australia, where I did a Master of Professional Accounting, focussing on Marketing, Management, Creativity and Innovation.

Building on my experiences and education and journey, I am now focused on a new goal; our company, and to take it as far as possible in the global diet and nutrition market, with uncompromising honesty, and integrity, and humility, driving everything we do.

For a girl who was born in a rural farming village in Sri Lanka 40 years ago. 

Not having ever had a hot shower until I was 30 years old, just cold water in the river.

These may seem like lofty goals. 


But… I am looking forward to the challenge. 

Thank you for visiting our website.


While we are currently a company of only two people, we are fortunate to have a talented team of people working with us.

And without these people, it wouldn’t be possible for us to achieve what we are trying to achieve.

And for that, we are grateful.