diet for body ~ for mind ~ for spirit




We believe that our food, our diet, first and foremost, has to provide us with all the elements that we need to thrive as an individual human being.

We believe that in our modern world, many people have forgotten this.

We believe that taking a more humble approach to what we eat will go a long way toward changing this.

Not only for ourselves, but also for the planet on which we all live.

With regard to health, weight-loss, and well-being, our program is based on five essential principles.

1: It must be simple and easy and… most importantly… doable.

2: It must provide all the daily macro and micronutrients that your body requires.

3: If weight loss is required, then it must create a daily energy deficit to allow for the body to burn/lose body fat and reset itself to a normal healthy level.

4: It must inspire the person who is doing it to want to stay focused and continue on it until they have achieved their target goals.

5: It must retrain the person doing it so that when they have finished the program or journey, they have formed new habits and behaviours that now allow them to maintain their new and improved lifestyle with minimal effort.

If you want to take control of your diet and eating habits; finally, and forever… then this is for you.

If you want to break free from being a victim of misinformation, hereditary and genetics, to being a powerhouse of self-reliance and a master of your own destiny… then this is for you.

If you are ready to take responsibility and accept that to achieve what you want then you will have to learn new behaviours and form new habits as you learn to let go of your limiting beliefs and actions… then this is for you.

There is no it, there is just you.

If you commit and follow whatever instructions you are given with an open mind and heart, then you will be unbeatable, and you will succeed.

So yes, as long as you commit and give it everything you have got, it will work for you.

Our bodies are incredible.

Even after forty-six years of practice and study, it still leaves me in awe at how resilient we can be when treated properly.

When you stop putting in everything it doesn’t want, while simultaneously giving it everything it needs, you will start to feel different almost immediately.

How good is that?

That all depends on you and your particular set of circumstances. 

If someone needs to lose 50 kg (110 pounds) versus someone who needs to lose 10 kg (22 pounds), then the time it will take is most likely going to be different.


If the person who needs to lose a lot works five times harder than the person who needs to lose a little, then it will take the same amount of time to achieve both results.

This is your personal journey, and you have to decide on how hard you want to go, and where the endgame is.

How far you want to go toward achieving your potential best is up to you, and that decision, based on where you are at the start, along with how hard you want to go from the start, will dictate how long it is going to take.

So however long it takes for you, is how long it will take, but… regardless of how long that is, I will be there supporting and assisting you until the end, so… Let’s get it going on!

It doesn’t compare, as we don’t compare ourselves with the other programs that are out there and available, as there is no comparison; they have their ways, we have ours.

But, if you want a statistic on the current state of the industry, then unfortunately, the failure rate of all the combined weight-loss platforms is somewhere between 80—95 percent, depending on whose research you choose to believe.

And no disrespect to their choice of business model, but most want to lock you in to a subscription fee of some kind to increase the lifetime financial value of the customer… YOU!

They make more money the longer you stay, so… For them, it is better that you fail so that you can keep on trying and keep on paying and they can keep on making money.

How does that help you? 

It doesn’t.

We have built our platform as an alternative and to challenge the current status quo of the health and wellness and weight loss industries.

We are solely driven by client and customer success and well-being results; not profit.

This is what I do, and who I am, and I have been doing this for decades so… 

Trust me.

As I was growing up, my dad, who was a motor mechanic, always had cut and wounded and disgustingly dirty hands. And for whatever reason an eight-year-old boy needs, I believed it made him look tough, almost invincible, so I told him that when I grew up, I wanted to be a motor mechanic just like him.

But his advice to me was, “Marty, not only do I not want you to become a motor mechanic, but I suggest that you don’t even try to fix your own car. Pay someone else who knows what they’re doing. Then you can focus on discovering what you love doing and are good at, and then you get on with your life without so much trouble and so much dirt.”

He recently died at the age of 93 (not a bad run for an old English boy from Halifax, England) RIP Dad.

Over the past 46 years, I have simultaneously worked across two industries: 

Health & Fitness, as a Naturopath, Weight Loss Consultant, Gym Owner, and Natural Bodybuilding Coach, and Entertainment, as a Director, and Filmmaker, and Music Producer.

Throughout this time, I have been fortunate enough to coach and support and encourage tens of thousands of people across my areas of knowledge and expertise, and I will continue to do this while ever I am fit enough to do so.

We are not here to cheat you or rip you off. 

We are only here to help and assist. 

Simple as that.

No. Of course not. I don’t need your money, I need your commitment. If you are not ready to commit, then don’t start. If you are ready to commit, then you don’t want your money back, you want the transformation. And if you give the commitment that I need, then I can guarantee your success so…  

Because you are worth it. 

One of the greatest things you can do in this life is to show respect, love, and kindness to yourself.

So stop thinking like that. You are better than that.



Now… Let’s get started.